About Us

The IFCAR Automotive Headlight and Lantern Industry is a company of the Arteb Industries Group, created and focused 100% for the market of Headlight and Lantern Replacement for vehicles manufactured since 1.980, the famous Classical Line, which have a circulating fleet around 5,000,000 vehicles and a very high demand.
With its own headquarters, know-how, technology and advanced methods of production and market intelligence, Ifcar is already an important player in the aftermarket, focused on quality, sustainability and safety.


Based on the principle of constant evolution, IFCAR invests in technology in several fronts of the production process of its parts, so that its clients always have the satisfaction of replacing their parts with the necessary originality and mainly durability.


Concerned to standardize the parts that it produces with high quality, IFCAR imposes a rigorous production process, from modern machinery and raw material of performance in its means of manufacture, under the most rigorous norms.